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Holy Holy Holy Praises the cherub and Seraphims for they know that where there is praise and worship, there is no bondage and problem. We see in acts16:25, 26 all bondages are broken when there is praise and worship. All bondages of fear, sickness, poverty and sin are broken through praise and worship. Nothing stands against praise and worship. It is an universal secret key to victory in chronicles 20:22 Josapath know this, and as we his enemies flee when he took to praise and worship even today when we use this key of praise and worship all the problems which we face as enemies in this world flee from us. There are no words to describe the wonders and miracles that the lord has done for me. I mere word of thanks over thousand times would not suffice for he has chosen me and for all the good things ha has done for me. This Praise Web TV has been designed and started with a desire and thirst to glorify our lord. In this Web TV, along with praise and worship, we shall also be fed with the word of faith. I call upon all visitors of this Praise Web TV to join along with me in glorifying the Lord for all the good he has done for us. All glory is only to the lord.



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